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Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story

Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story - Cheryl Lee Petro

Sometimes the ocean hands you an unexpected wave.


Travis Kelly wants nothing more than to win the world surfing championship and show up his rival, Kane, but when a horrible accident leaves him disabled, he finds himself floating in a world of misery. Surfing was his life. How will he cope?


By drowning his sorrows in alcohol, he runs the risk of following in his dead-beat brother’s footsteps—a path of addiction he despises, yet seems drawn toward. Adrift in a sea of self-destruction, Travis struggles between what makes the pain disappear, and what the surfer really wants—the ocean, the girl, and the union of his family.


With a touch of Hawaiian culture, Liquid Comfort is a stirring tale of surf, addiction, determination and unconditional love. Hang on for a gnarly ride!


“There are many forms of comfort. Some will drown you. Others will keep you afloat.”